martes, 7 de febrero de 2012

Intel muestra los micros Atom para micro-servidores

Aquí aparecen algunas de las palabras clave tratadas en el tema 2: Microprocesadores. De cara al mantenimiento, lo remarcado.

Intel Corp. has begun shipments of Atom-based system-on-chip for so-called micro-servers. The new processor will likely become available this year and will enable server manufacturers to create ultra-dense machines with low power consumption.

As reported previously, the first Atom-based server offering from Intel will be released sometime in 2012. Although Intel Atom micro-architecture will remain intact and will still have a number of limitations (e.g., lack of out-of-order execution and other drawbacks), it will gain 64-bit capability, virtualization technology, support for error-correcting code, PCI Express, Hyper-Threading and other peculiarities of modern server central processing units. The chip will likely be based on Cedarview micro-architecture, will be dual-core and will be made using 32nm process technology. However, Intel has not confirmed this yet. The product consumes less than 10W of power.

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